Take your laptop to a new level of comfort !
The new LapBottom offers a sleeker profile, a more secure work surface, and gives you more options so that you choose the position that works best for you and the way you use your portable.
The LapBottom
Made in the USA

The LapBottom has a comfortably padded underside which grips your lap. We have made the underside thinner yet a bit more rigid and firmer with the same comfortable feel. This thinner profile makes the LapBottom more portable than ever before. The top combines raised ridges and non-slip "feet" to provide air flow under your laptop while holding it in place. It is made of light weight and durable materials. Measuring 12 1/4" x 9 1/2", it compresses to under an inch thick. The LapBottom now comes with three different size self adhesive "feet" which allow you to choose a variety of "tilts" or choose more or less air space under your laptop. The new polyurethane "feet" are more durable and hold your laptop more firmly in place.

This effective accessory provides:

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The LapBottom was designed for simplicity and comfort. Those who use it, love it!
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